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The pre-workout is great! I love how fast it got to me and the energy it gives me.




Great Pre-workout! High stimulation with no crash.




Didn’t want to work out today but the Sarge helped to motivate me! Great taste and it helps with the pump


I do mostly HIIT workouts and I can’t express how much I love this pre workout. I can be super super picky when it comes to picking out pre workout. Most of which are either too sweet or just gives too much buzz in general (too many tingles). The focus I get from this product is insane!! It gives the tingles of a pre workout without giving me a literal panic attack. What matters most to me in workouts is focus and energy and this gives both, of course without going too far. Finally I have a good pre workout that isn’t too weak or strong and gives a good balance to my workout routine. I highly recommend to anyone even if you do different types of workouts this pre workout is my favorite and I am sticking to it!




I really can’t believe how clean and pumped I felt using this stuff. Ive cycled through different pre-workout brands like Kim Kardashians cycles through men and this is the best I’ve felt from one so needless to say I’ve found the one finally.

As someone who does multiple combat sports and lifts daily as well, I was looking for a product to dial my focus in without causing my heart to feel like it’s going to explode in my chest because it’s not practical for high intensity training.
This gave me some serious energy and got me to hit a PR I’ve been trying to hit for quite some time after recovering from Rhabdomyolysis due to my obsession with training.




This is the ONLY Pre Workout I take when I really want to sweat and make sure my workout is on point. Will push you in any lift you are doing. The taste is awesome as well. Some of the best pre workout I have tasted. Will keep buying this product over and over again.